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Cosmetic Dentist in Waltham

Veneers in Waltham

If you have problems with your teeth and need to improve your smile, you might want to set up an appointment with an experienced cosmetic dentist in Waltham like ours at Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET to discuss the possibility of getting veneers. Dental veneers are custom-made, very thin, shells that cover the front of your teeth and help to improve their appearance in several ways.

Dental veneers can be used by a professional cosmetic dentist in Waltham like ours at Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET correct many dental problems. The procedure needs to be done by a qualified dentist and involves bonding the dental veneers to the front of your teeth. When the veneers are bonded to your teeth, they modify their color, size and shape which makes them look cosmetically attractive. Dental veneers are usually used to fix the following dental issues: worn down teeth, discolored teeth, chipped or broken teeth, teeth with gaps in between, and misaligned teeth. Even though it’s not as typical, they can be used as a teeth-whitening procedure. This benefits patients who are not able to get teeth bleaching done to whiten their teeth because of bleach or chemical sensitivities, allergies or for other reasons. If that is your situation and you would like an effective teeth-whitening method that doesn’t involve chemicals, you should explore the possibility of getting porcelain veneers as an alternative. Dental veneers can be created from either composite resin or porcelain, but porcelain is the most popular material and is used more often. You’ll need to speak to your dentist to decide which material would be best for you. Both materials provide very natural looking results because they are both tooth-colored. We recommend that you come in for a veneers consultation, so you can discuss veneers in detail with our dentist.

To learn more about dental veneers, you should consult with our expert cosmetic dentist in Waltham. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

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Teeth whitening in 02453

Teeth whitening here at Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET is simple, fast, and effective. Also, when compared to many of the products you can get over-the-counter, we’re also proud to tell you that it’s’ 100% safe on your enamel. Those store bought treatments often have abrasive ingredients that are no good for your enamel. And you can choose to have it done at our 02453 dental office, or do it on your own with our handy take home option.

No matter which of our methods you prefer, the basic procedure is that whitening solution breaks down the stains that have made your smile less than ideal. At our office, you will have the solution applied by our dentist. It’s professional grade so in just about an hour or maybe less, you will see noticeable results and get a much whiter smile. If you want to do it in the comfort of your home, our 02453 dental office will make custom-fit whitening trays for you to wear. The trays release the solution, which is not quite as strong as the one you get done here. And because of this, the outcome is a bit more gradual, occurring over the course of a few days up to a couple of weeks. In the end, though, the whitening effect is just as good. And that’s reassuring, because there are so many ways that your teeth can become stained, discolored, or dull over time. From tobacco to coffee, tea to red wine, berries to certain prescription medication; it’s not easy to keep your teeth as white as you would like, but at our 02453 dental office, it certainly is easy to restore their natural color.

Say goodbye to your unsatisfactory smile and hello to one that you’ll be thrilled with and that everyone will compliment you on. Contact our office now to arrange an appointment.

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Emergencies in 02453

Feeling self-conscious about your once brilliant smile, fading into the yellowed ether? No need to endure it any longer. Do something about it. Waste no more time. Go ahead and contact Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET. Feel free to ask our 02453 dentist about getting that toothache taken care of. See? Simple. So don’t waste another second dawdling in uncertainty.

Eager to get those yellowed teeth back to their radiant glory days? We understand your eagerness. But before heading off into that horizon, there is a crucial consideration—one that requires a sliver of soul-searching. If ingesting teeth staining foods is a part of your daily diet, it might be time to reconsider some of those choices. Largely because, even after teeth whitening, the results won’t last long if there isn’t an effort to maintain them. With that said, if you’re serious about getting this procedure done, cut back on the wine, tea, and carbonated beverages. Heavy smoker? Besides that prominent health risks involved with this habit, cigarettes also do a serious number on teeth and gums, so if preserving your smile is a priority, try to reduce (if not altogether eliminate) this consumption. If you think you’re ready to make the leap, then go ahead and reach out to Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET. Or if you’d just like to have a questions & answer session with one of our professionals, feel free to go ahead and speak with our 02453 dentist.

Sound good? Our white-toothed patients certainly feel the same way. So don’t deprive yourself from this change, one that sends a jolt of confidence back into your system. Stop shying away from sharing that smile. Call or e-mail Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET. Reach out to his staff who will help see you through this process of making an appointment. And then you’ll be well on your way to meeting with our 02453 dentist.

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