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Preventive care in Waltham

Preventive care here at Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET, combined with brushing and flossing at home, will keep tooth decay and gum disease from being frequent occurrences. Just one visit to our practice every six months is all it takes to maintain your oral health.

Controlling dental plaque and what it can do to your teeth and gums is the focus of preventive care at our Waltham dental office. Plaque is invisible, but it has the properties of a film, which you can verify any morning when you wake up. Does it feel like you have a coating on your teeth? That’s plaque. It’s bacterial nature is responsible for morning breath, but that’s the least of what it does. Brushing first thing each day, and again before you go to sleep is essential prevention, as is flossing before bed. But not all the plaque in your mouth is swept up by your oral hygiene routine. What remains hardens into tartar, for which you need a trip to our Waltham dental office to deal with. A professional teeth cleaning eliminates tartar buildup, and reverses the signs of early stage gum disease (gingivitis). Most important of all, gum disease will not reach the later stage, in which inflammation and infection can cause receding gums, loss of gum and bone tissue, loose teeth, and more. Your twice-yearly visit to our Waltham dental office also includes a full dental exam and periodic x-rays. Prevention also covers the prompt detection and filling of any cavities before they grow large enough to put you at risk for toothaches, infections, and the procedures necessary to address them.

Prevention is not only better for your oral health and your comfort, but it costs less than after the fact treatment, as well. Call us Waltham dental office today to arrange an appointment.

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