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Dentist office in Waltham

Why worry about going to a various dental offices for all your needs, when you can have all the vital care you need, as well as that of your children, done with the utmost of expertise, here at Moody Street Dental on ELM STREET?

Oral examinations and teeth cleaning encompass the preventive side of our practice. It’s important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease wherever possible, and to address their effects in a timely manner when they do occur. Among the restorations our dentist in Waltham offers are fillings, crowns (caps), bridges, and dentures. And when it comes to the replacement of teeth, implant dentistry is the state-of-the-art. Root canals and extractions, when performed by our dentist in Waltham, are nothing to be anxious about. Not only can you count on gentle and virtually painless care, but sedation options are also available. And if you think that we’ve forgotten your smile and how great it can look, keep in mind that we are proud to offer an array of cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, veneers, six month smiles, and Invisalign. When you have straight, whole, white teeth, you feel more confident. Unique services that are done at our office include the Isolate Isolation System, which efficiently removes fluid from your mouth during treatment, and thereby cutting down significantly on the time you spend in the chair. In addition, intraoral cameras are part of the immensely useful technology we make available for you, our valued patient. And there’s even more, like night guards, oral cancer screenings, and gum treatments to ensure that all aspects of your oral wellness are being focused on.

Our dentist in Waltham is looking forward to treating you and your family. Please contact our office and schedule an appointment right now. We even provide emergency treatment, so please let us know if the matter is urgent and we will have you seen as quickly as we can.

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